What Google Has Learned About Remote Work: Six Tips

What Google Has Learned About Remote Work: Six Tips

Last month, Google released the results of a multi-year study into what makes for a great remote work team. It’s a topic of significant importance because 46% of organizations use virtual teams.

Because virtual work is so prevalent, the Center for Values-Driven Leadership has been studying the topic as well, asking, “What makes for a connected, engaged, high-performing virtual team?”

We were delighted to see that Google’s findings and recommendations align well with our own research.

Google team member Veronica Gilrane published an article on the organization’s blog, where she outlined three of their key recommendations. We share these below, along with three of our top tips for creating connected and engaged virtual teams.

Google’s Top Three Tips:

#1: Get to know each other as people. Start meetings with conversations, help build connections and establish rapport.

#2: Set boundaries. Ask co-workers in different time zones when they prefer to take meetings.

#3: Forge in-person and virtual connections. Set clear guidelines on when in-person meetings are recommended; use video calls at other times so you can show your remote colleagues their ideas are being heard.

Our Additional Recommendations:

#1: Create a supportive environment for remote work. This begins at the top, by creating policies that allow for virtual work and providing file sharing and video conferencing system access that makes it feasible.

#2: Start with trust. The great virtual team leaders we know tell us they start with trust; they believe their team members are hard at work because they see the progress the team members are making toward clear goals. Don’t micromanage your remote worker’s time; instead, set priorities and ask what they need to meet the goal. (For more on how to create trust and make other values meaningful within your organization, please see our free eBook on the topic.)

#3: Check-in. Create a rhythm to your team’s work that includes regular opportunities to check-in with remote workers, both as a whole team and 1:1. When you do, be sure to follow Google’s point #1: get to know each other as people.

We have more recommendations to share; in fact, we’re working on a series of articles on the topic, to be followed by an eBook. Check back for more updates. In the meantime, if you lead a connected, engaged, high-performing virtual team and have stories to share, let us know; we’d like your suggestions, and might include them in future columns.

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