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“BZAIT is Technology Competent and Cost Effective”

Pankaj A, Director, Stalworth


“Implemented Complex Project in Challenging Conditions.”

S. Mittal


“Easy Start, We did not Waste much Time in Negotiation. End to End Management.”

Dinesh, Price Timely


Immediate start now and avail the offer till 30-July-2021:
  • 15% discount on long term contracts
  • Free consultations and solution evaluation
  • Advanced solutions with Mobile and Backend Applications

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Focus On Growing Business
While we manage end to end IT applications, you focus on growing your business and growing it. By working with us you are not simply hiring virtual staff, you also get a Professionally advice, innovation, and research which will help in developing world class application to beat your competition.

Time to Market & Speed
We deliver end to end applications in shortest possible timeline with the support of skilled and talented staff.

While taking application, we spend time initially in understanding business concept, competition and similar applications in the market. This helps us in proposing the best solution and technology for your needs.


Professionally Managed Technology Teams

Focus on Long Term Partnership, Innovation and Cost Benefits

No Company Setup, No VISA Required, Ease of doing Business with BZAIT

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Our Services at RDC

Our RDC consist of the competencies to promote focused excellence.

Platform for Your Business

Our Services

Our Experienced and technology Savvy team has vast experience in building platformed for catering to wide variety of businesses. Some of these includes:

  • Credit Services
  • Surveys
  • Community Building
  • Restaurants
  • Order Management
  • Sales Management
  • Healthcare Services

Mobile Applications Development

Our Services

Our Mobile Application team has deep experience in delivering world class mobile applications for enterprises and startups.

Our experience includes both Native as well as in Flutter.

We develop both Android and iOS Applications.

We have developed applications for Healthcare, Community Building, Restaurants and Sales Management.

We work on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure and other Cloud Service providers.

Digital Marketing Services

Our Services

We provide end to end Digital Marketing Services. Our engagement starts with understanding the Services, Potential Clients and preparing Digital Marketing Strategy. These include B2C and B2B both. Out Digital Marketing Portfolio includes:

  • Facebook Organic Marketing and Brand Building
  • Facebook Ad
  • eMail Marketing
  • Google Ad
  • Content Writing
  • Onpage SEO

Our Team

Our team consist of IT Industry veterans who have worked with MNCs such as IBM, Tata Consultancy Services, HCL Technologies and servicing clients like American Express, Citi Bank, DBS, Bank of Ireland, Nottingham Estate Electricity Board, John Wiley and many others. Their objective is to ensure that every client irrespective of their size can reap in the benefit of low cost and talented IT professionals from every corner of the world.

Enterprise Architect & Digital Transformation Specialist

Senior Leader, Digital Transformation, Business Process Engineering, Innovation

Business Analytics & Intelligence, Sales Director, USA

Digital Transformation Leader, Singapore

What Studies Say About Remote Teams

Even before COVID-19 companies were under tremendous pressure to absorb new technologies such as Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Adoption. COVID-19 has hastened the process of setting up remote teams even for relatively smaller organization.

Remote teams in India gives you the benefit of sourcing low cost IT professionals who are best among everywhere. Read below what Google and HBR have to say about managing Remote Teams … Please reach out for any queries.

What Google Has Learned About Remote Work: Six Tips
7 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote Teams
A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers