Frequently Asked Questions on mini-Remote Delivery Center

Q 1) What do you mean by mRDC (mini Remote Delivery Center)

A 1) Most of the global companies have Offshore Delivery Center or Shared Services Center setup in India so that they can utilize the talented man-power available in India at low cost. However, it is not cost feasible for small companies to setup as the associated cost such as recruitment, administration, legal, finance and management cost will become prohibitively high.

This is where we have conceptualize the concept of mRDC, where in the clients may work with us. It will be cost feasible for them to have as low as 1-5 staff team.

Q 2) Why mRDC and not outsourcing?

A 2) Outsourcing has several disadvantages when team size is low. First of all, the leverage on the outsourcing partner is less. Many times, there are frequent staffing changes. Client may need to manage the deliverable quality and cost is high. The benefits are:

  • Global Pool Of Talented Staff
  • No VISA/ No Office Space
  • Cost Savings
  • Long Term Staff / No Rotation
  • Integral Part of Your Team/ Extended Team
  • No Need of Your Management Bandwidth
  • No Admin Hassles
  • On time and Cost effective Deliveries
  • Low Cash Flow Requirements

Q 3) Which skills can be added to this mRDC?

A 3) We understand that the end to end application involves multiple technologies and it is convenient to have all the skills under one roof. We hire Business Intelligence, AI, Node JS, Java, JS, Angular, UI/ UX, .Net, C#, Python, Laravel, Php, Databases, Cloud Services, and DevOps skills under the umbrella of RDC.

Q 4) How exactly mRDC works?

A 4) As part of mRDC, we will hire staff based on your requirements. They will work as part of your team as long as you want. They will directly report to your project team for deliveries.

At the same time, we will provide Governance, Payroll, Recruitment, or Project Management Services. We will even assess their performance time to time based on the KPIs as provided/ discussed with you. Increments will be based on your recommendations.

They may be on our payroll but virtually act as your employees.

Q 5) Will this model be costly?

A 5) RDC is modelled with complete transparency, trust and secure center. The charges should be as close to as if client hires their own staff in India. Because of this model will be cheaper than the outsourcing or their own office in India.

Q 6) How exactly the management of the team function?

A 6) We provide various services including end to end project management. In case you just wish to hire developers you may do so. Here, we will provide Governance and general admin services. They will become extended part of your team and reports to the Team Lead.

Alternatively, you may chose us to provide Project Management, Allocate Tasks, and ensure Deliverables timeline/ Quality. We will happily take up the same.

In either model, we will closely work with you to setup processes and gearing the team for innovation.

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